Prop J will make traffic worse

Austin’s traffic is terrible, but if we don't plan for growth, the traffic will only get worse*. Our city needs to act quickly to address traffic problems by making it easier to get around and providing real transportation alternatives. But Prop J creates roadblocks to addressing traffic with waiting periods of up to three years before comprehensive solutions can be adopted creating more delays and more traffic.

*Austin is counting on changes to the Land Development Code to take 160,000 cars off the road.

Prop J will make Austin more expensive

Austin has an affordability crisis. New solutions for both market priced homes and affordable housing are necessary if we are to meaningfully address the crisis we face today. We also need to make more room for more kinds of homes to help seniors, young families, and people trying to work closer to jobs. Prop J would tie the hands of the city for years to meaningfully address affordability.

Prop J will worsen flooding

Urban floods are increasingly frequent, costly and dangerous in Austin. When permeable soil is covered by impervious surfaces, like roofs and roads, more rainwater flows as runoff into ditches and streams, potentially leading to downstream flooding. Building more compactly and greener can reduce flood risks, but Prop J would make it harder for city leaders to manage growth in ways to fight flooding.

Don't let special interests tie our city’s hands!

The hidden money behind Proposition J came from Reagan Billboards, who paid over $40,000 to out-of-town consultants to put Proposition J on the ballot. Why? Because Proposition J would undermine the city’s ability to change laws to manage growth, including managing where billboards can be built.