The Facts

What you need to know about Proposition J

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Proposition J hurt our City?

Austin suffers from an affordability crisis, and traffic congestion and flooding are getting worse. Proposition J will require needless delays of up to three years or more for badly needed changes to our laws for managing growth.

Proposition J will tie the hands of our local elected leaders and our community from more quickly implementing changes to address problems plaguing Austin.

Who is bankrolling Proposition J?

The Proposition J petition drive was paid for by tens of thousands of dollars from a corporation and its lobbyist whose goal was to control changes to city billboard rules. Why? Because Proposition J would undermine the city’s ability to change laws to manage growth, including managing where billboards can be built.

How would Proposition J cost taxpayers more money?

Proposition J would needlessly delay by up to three years or longer of new laws to better manage the impacts of Austin’s rapid growth. The longer these changes are delayed, the more costly it will be to address our challenges.

Just one example is proposal to require new buildings to better handle storm water. A three-year or more delay for these changes means there could be hundreds of new developments that will be built under inadequate rules, and taxpayers will have to pick up the bill of building more infrastructure as a result.

Who is against Proposition J?

Leaders and Community Organizations against Proposition J

Public Officials Urging You to Vote AGAINST Proposition J:

  • Senator Kirk Watson
  • Mayor Steve Adler
  • Council Member Greg Casar
  • Council Member Ann Kitchen
  • Council Member Jimmy Flannigan
  • Council Member Delia Garza
  • Council Member Pio Renteria

Community Organizations Urging Your Vote AGAINST PROP J

  • Austin Chronicle
  • Austin Housing Coalition
  • Austin Environmental Democrats
  • Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • Central Labor Council
  • Tejano Democrats
  • Environment Texas
  • Black Austin Democrats
  • AURA
  • Capital Area Progressive Democrats
  • Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG)
  • University Democrats
  • Central Austin Democrats
  • South Austin Democrats
  • Progress Texas
  • And many others to come!

Want to Add Your Community Organization to the List? Contact us at DontTrumpATX (at) gmail (dot) com.